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Our Focus
Why choose us?


-Dynamics Warm up

-Throwing Program

-Hitting Mechanics 


-Pitching Mechanics

-Position Player Drills

-Baseball Fundamentals

-Speed, Agility and Conditioning

-Evaluations and more...

Coach Rivera noticed that athletes who had the chance to learn and develop baseball skills during their elementary and middle school years were more prepared for the demands and exposure to high school and college level baseball. 


Through the travel team, VR Baseball plans to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a player.

Improving on those qualities through evaluations is instrumental to building efficiency. Developing a sense of discipline, pride, responsibility, and teamwork is essential to being apart of VR Baseball.


VR Coaches will equip athletes with the right tools in order to succeed. We are living in a time where excelling at a young age through the proper training is a necessity for making it to the next level. 


After years of working with athletes on the high school and college level, VR baseball is taking the opportunity to guide players and strengthen their basic skill level and familiarity with Baseball.


Every game is game 7

Our Philosophy


We are a baseball program committed to guiding our athletes to achieve their goal at a young age, through different experiences and opportunities offered by Victor Rivera baseball.


Our staff is characterized as being very attentive and supporting with a variety of experience in working with different age groups. The staff specializes in integrating and motivating our players in a positive environment and atmosphere with discipline and respect for our founding principles.


Our goal is to demonstrate to families that there are opportunities for their children to start specialized training at an early age in order to develop the characteristics needed to be a better athlete.


Victor Rivera baseball program also allows families to have options following after school programming, where their child can flourish in a safe environment while motivating the players to perform and develop in a specific sport (baseball).

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